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We Need More Love More Than Ever Before

Posted on April 16th, by Tina in Uncategorized. No Comments

Can’t agree with Erica Lee‘s tweet and status update more on today:
Days like these you gain clarity on exactly where you want to be, with whom & what you forgot to do. Don’t let it pass. Reset your priorities.
Tragedies that occur leave us all with questions. Innocent lives were lost and hurt today and when something like this and too many innocent lives affected varying from Sandy Hook to Steubenville and more as of late that leaves communities of people touched and heartbroken because misunderstandings and information escalate to actions and intense situations that are best avoided, resolved peacefully and appropriately. Understanding, peace and closure are important. Get answers, find peace and leave negativity at the table. Love and life are important. I just hope more people value love and life and commit to that first in any reaction or action. I urge everyone to find the love and keep it.

Boston showed us what love is today. They were responsible: in not spreading panic, insisting on clarity, sticking to the facts, in their responses, in working with the authorities, to their loved ones as well as to strangers, they united in taking care of each other first and put aside differences for … Read More »

Learning to Code: Week 2…I’m HOOKED.

Posted on March 21st, by Tina in Uncategorized. No Comments

After the initial hesitation and intimidation of all those numbers and characters…beyond the syntax and many rules….coding is turning out to be so much unexpected FUN!

I’m still a newbie noob and might always be but with each new bit of code I learn, I keep wondering why and how people forgot to tell this former gamer, puzzle lover, linguistics major, artist and card player that coding will be a lot of strategy, addictive challenges met with solutions and so much amazing creation?

First things first…so many published articles and programs are cost effective, straightforward and incredibly well written that are available now that I wonder what the heck took me so long in the first place. Second, if you’re at all into puzzles or languages this can get to be a TON of fun. Yes, there’s an incredible amount of vulnerable delicateness to writing code…scripts are highly involved and yes you’ll be writing yourself your own little glossary and cheat sheets to keep rules you keep fumbling straight but practice as the author of Learn Python The Hard Way and Jeff Lindsay, my first code tutor ever, says over and over again, does make tedious perfection.

I can’t tell you how strange … Read More »

Learning Basic Code: HTML Refreshed, On to CSS.

Posted on March 16th, by Tina in Uncategorized. 1 Comment

It’s been argued that learning to code may not be the most effective use of my time as a business side startup person to learn to code.  I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve heard someone say “it’s a waste of your time, you’ll never learn enough code to build a site or anything, why bother” and the like ad nausea.

While I agree to a certain extent, that I will probably never be as good as someone who has coded for ten years or even create anything that doesn’t need a lot of work and tweaking and proofing – every time I do attempt to learn some code be it on Learn Python The Hard Way back when Jeff Lindsay had graciously agreed to teach me fundamentals or on CodeAcademy, it’s been insightful and interesting to learn how delicate all of it is and how much patience it takes to code even a line of code and I can’t even imagine getting this simple exercise of mine formatted with even spaced boxes below, but every line I learn leads to a new accomplishment and is pretty exciting. In addition, it does come in handy so I’m not flying blind when I do work … Read More »

“Greatness Takes Much Patience and Hard Work”

Posted on March 15th, by Tina in Uncategorized. No Comments

This article on Ang Lee’s thoughts on success as he wins an Oscar for “Life Of Pi” that my friend Keane Li found and shared hits such a nerve of honest truth. I think all artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and dreamers who dare to follow their passions can relate to the need to find balance between the struggle and the small successes that make up our days. Anyone, even the great, who dares to say that their work was not without some level of painstaking careful effort is a liar.  Building upon anything, be it a family, a dream, a non profit, a business and even a meal is work, care matters, dedication brings fruition and between each step forward there are sacrifices to be made and there a million obstacles that are to be met and dealt.

“Much is made of genius and talent, but the foundation of any life where you get to realize your ambitions is simply being able to out-last everyone through the tough, crappy times — whether through sheer determination, a strong support network, or simply a lack of options.” – Ang Lee

“Greatness is achieved in small steps with much patience and hard work.” – Keane Li

No two lines will … Read More »

Thankful For Realness

Posted on December 27th, by Tina in Uncategorized. No Comments

Often, daily…we all wear disguises and different selves to go to work, to meet friends with varying interests, to meet family and even to meet those we trust with our hearts.  In a strange way I think a lot of us end up masking our true selves in the effort to be understood or relate to others.  Frequently over the years, there have been comments.  Some say you talk too much, others that you talk too little.

The only sanity really though, lies at the heart of things.  Realness is valuable and should be the only thing that matter.

Re-read the paragraph above and before you next comment on what someone has said or done, stop.  Pause please and take a mindfully kind and appreciative moment of thought and embrace instead.  We may not always agree or like what someone has said or done or agree with how they are living but unless they are truly hurting someone actively, passively, directly or indirectly – and unless someone is getting hurt…there is a grace and kindness and wisdom to just accepting people as they are in relation to us or alone.

So much of life is spent in judgement.  We are our own worst … Read More »

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