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Currents dance in a whirl.
Lost and found. Unfound but bound.
Grounded- ready set for the unknown.
Swirl dance and delay, praise and take advantage

Underestimation allows for excellence and pleasant surprise.
Misunderstanding leads to misrepresentation.
Assumptions wrong. Impulses find shallow footing.
Guards down and vulnerable to the fears of infection-
Insecurity finds weakness and security finds emptiness
To care one is to care. To trust one is to trust.
Simple and yet unattainable to allow.

Solvent? Dilute the madness and purify.
Clarity as counterpart to the counterclockwise -
Layers of unnecessary confusion in already complex simple situations.
Why be stuck in a maze of gridlock when clear seas await in waves….

Simplify, embrace, leap in faith and trust – simpler stated than felt.
Sweet solace where does one find a retreat?
Duality – segway, weren’t you the one…

Crazy settles in…sense and sensibility drained…sails set straight
Dearest paths lead the way – whichever whatever way.

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5 Responses to “Tides”

  1. Over on CNET’s “Crave Gadget Blog”, people are wondering why/if Segway transporters are really banned in Japan:

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