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Learning Basic Code: HTML Refreshed, On to CSS.

Posted on March 16th, by Tina in Uncategorized. 1 Comment

It’s been argued that learning to code may not be the most effective use of my time as a business side startup person to learn to code.  I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve heard someone say “it’s a waste of your time, you’ll never learn enough code to build a site or anything, why bother” and the like ad nausea.

While I agree to a certain extent, that I will probably never be as good as someone who has coded for ten years or even create anything that doesn’t need a lot of work and tweaking and proofing – every time I do attempt to learn some code be it on Learn Python The Hard Way back when Jeff Lindsay had graciously agreed to teach me fundamentals or on CodeAcademy, it’s been insightful and interesting to learn how delicate all of it is and how much patience it takes to code even a line of code and I can’t even imagine getting this simple exercise of mine formatted with even spaced boxes below, but every line I learn leads to a new accomplishment and is pretty exciting. In addition, it does come in handy so I’m not flying blind when I do work with developers and it is a great way to spend time when I need a break from work.  And who knows…maybe some day with enough practice I could at least hack a bit here and there and as with anything, I think a little knowledge about the workings of any machine or craft helps so you can understand and appreciate the process and work better and also get a grasp on the material.

When it comes to building a site, believe me I’ve run into so many issues because I had very limited knowledge of code, had chosen people who while talented did not have the scope of skills we needed or did and was just too qualified for us or too green or too expensive, too…pick an adjective, the shoe will fit. And as a business side CEO with a heavy background in marketing who has been trying to create a startup and has taken every U-turn and twist to growth and success possible, even what I’ve learned with the HTML fundamentals has been extremely valuable and a worthwhile use of my time.  And there is a possibility that it might prove to be the skill I needed to at least get my feet wet on in order to get to the next steps of our startup efforts.

A motivating factor?  Instagram’s founder, Kevin Systrom, was not a seasoned coder either but he and his business partner did hack some code together and give birth to at least some of the basics of what was to become Instagram coupled with a lot of trial and error.  His story is pretty amazing as far as startup successes go and proof that knowing some code can indeed come in handy for any one, even a non developer, to have some knowledge about.

Here’s a little something I learned to code and was able to hack together at the end of the Basic HTML courses on CodeAcademy.  It’s clumsy, it’s an attempt. I learned skills.  I love it.

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