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Thankful For Realness

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Often, daily…we all wear disguises and different selves to go to work, to meet friends with varying interests, to meet family and even to meet those we trust with our hearts.  In a strange way I think a lot of us end up masking our true selves in the effort to be understood or relate to others.  Frequently over the years, there have been comments.  Some say you talk too much, others that you talk too little.

The only sanity really though, lies at the heart of things.  Realness is valuable and should be the only thing that matter.

Re-read the paragraph above and before you next comment on what someone has said or done, stop.  Pause please and take a mindfully kind and appreciative moment of thought and embrace instead.  We may not always agree or like what someone has said or done or agree with how they are living but unless they are truly hurting someone actively, passively, directly or indirectly – and unless someone is getting hurt…there is a grace and kindness and wisdom to just accepting people as they are in relation to us or alone.

So much of life is spent in judgement.  We are our own worst critics and fear drives us to also fear unknowns and uncertainties.  The cycle is destructive and endless unless we value as a whole, realness.  Shed masks and get to the heart of matters and give a damn about the people in our lives and the moments that pass us by.  Each second is a gift.

And even more importantly, acknowledge love around you.  It’s the people who know you most that hold the real you safe and true.  It’s with them that it’s safe to be vulnerable. And while it is a shame that it isn’t safe to be vulnerable with others these days, find comfort and joy and love where love exists.  Sweetness is around.  None of us are alone and even if you are, don’t forsake the love within and for yourself.

Sometimes, we all go to places where we become lost and cannot or do not want to see or feel.  But if we let ourselves do so, a wonderful and yes even overwhelming thing can happen…good.  Good recognized by all the small and big gestures that make up so much to love and appreciate in our lives – no matter how fleeting or bad things get.  Out of all the noise, there will always be the few who care and know you and will always remind you that there are better days ahead.  So hang on to that with dear might, for optimism is like a fire….it can be fed and kept nurtured and strong or it can go out.  So stop and breathe…embrace and be.

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