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Twitter, The Game Changer

Posted on November 5th, by Tina in Blog, Business, Tech, twitter, World. No Comments

Crowdsourcing is incredible and with Twitter the impact of crowdsourced opinions, thoughts, ideas and even digressions are indeed becoming infinite.  Best of all, Twitter enables tsunami sized and teardrop sized human waves of material, manmade and organic, to transcend and cross the boundaries of time zones and news gatekeepers and even, in some rare instances, age old prejudices.  The incredible marvel of Twitter truly is that it enable all of us to share/tweak/obsess/learn (lessons learned from Balloon Boy) and shape our news, thoughts, ideas, interests and world at large.  Each person does indeed have the power to become the next pebble in the pond and the ripples can become a giant tsunami of information and one person can become the catalyst with a single Tweet of poignant or relevant interesting content.  Even if it is a status check of some random person enjoying a glass of water, someone out there has at least seen that Tweet and it was interesting enough either due to the person or even just the simplicity nay humanity of the act that holds at least enough of the mere seconds of attention to skim those 140 characters.  The phenomenon of the tremendous power that Twitter holds is undeniably evident in every trending topic.  Twitter has given Tweeps what people had not so long ago feared was long gone, a voice and the chance to be heard.  The power has indeed come back to the individual.  Let’s make no mistake about it, media as we knew it for centuries has been altered.  Twitter is a game changer in every sense of the word.

  • Celebrities can now set rumors and tabloids wrong in a single Tweet response to a fascinated public and interact directly. 
  • News of turmoil, injustices and tragedies are tweeted and known and updated immediately. 
  • In fact, I very literally happened to be ending a long day at work and checked online to catch @alonis sharing @larfo ’s image of the Bay Bridge Accident as he passed on Twitter in what must have been minutes if not seconds of passing (yes that is over 72,900 views) and tweeted:
    “Guess I’m NOT headed to East Bay. Thnx @Alonis > @larfo Looks like part of Bay Bridge fell off & hit some cars. #fb  5:54 PM Oct 27th from web”
    Only to have it be confirmed by SF Gate a few minutes later and have friends tell me they actually happened to find out about it from my Tweet before the news. 

THAT was first hand experience of Twitter breaking news to the public faster than media.  And these days even big publications’ writers do happen to use Twitter (and blogs (ahem NY Times) to bring us the news that connects us all and reminds us that we are but mortal.  And don’t get me wrong, it’s nice and essential to have trusted sources to provide robust stories to the events that do occur to fill the gaps but the power of the Tweet is mighty and quickly becoming tremendous with its ability to shrink our world and allow for an infinite number of connections.  Viral truly has a new sphere in which it is recognized.

The world IS smaller. People have come to be a village and community rather than separate silos and cliques.  And it’s a nice change.  The human wave doesn’t just end at edge of town anymore – it can cross the globe and return again. Ad nauseum and change, influence and allow us to explore every opinion and way of life.

Simply and outrageously quenching by being the most notorious connector known to date.  The Game Changer.

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