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We Are All Connected

Posted on September 16th, by Tina in Blog, Tech. No Comments

My dear friend Ahlam Hassan, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief of Broke Fashionista just shared this story with me on the story of Beth Ashley and Rowland Fellows that was published in the NY Times about a boy and girl who had a story which they were able to complete even with “70 years of empty space” between them after being bridged by a piece of journalism written by Ms. Ashley.  It reminded me of how vitally connected we all are in this world – and ever increasingly so as media continues to evolve and allows for even deeper connections to the people in our lives.

Media is constantly evolving.  In its many transformations it has touched the written word with print, reality through TV and the spoken word through radio. And as the internet matures, media has transformed yet again. It has gone from a broadcast and direct medium to one that is ever reaching in its grasp and mediums of reach in its evolvement into social media.  Media has come to mean new things with the advent of social media through blogs, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms – communication has come to be multi-dimensional and to an infinite number connections.  With Facebook and Twitter enabling all of us to become journalists of our own lives, experiences, thoughts, activities and careers in the sharing of content; whether that be a quick micro blog headline of 140 characters, a sharing of a YouTube video one loves or the viral spread of news via video, status updates, polls, contests and internet news articles alike, the way in which we can all communicate our interests, activities and lives have multiplied a million fold.  And with all the capabilties and technological enablements comes one fundamental and vibrant truth.  We are all connected with limitless possibility.  Selectively or openly – we are even more connected now than ever before.  Distance and time hardly do little more than delay communication dependent on time zone and social media has made it possible for us all to find commonalities and make bridges through professional and personal nuances. 

I could easily find ways to connect with long lost childhood friends just as easily as I can connect with past, present and future friends, colleagues and peers with just a few strokes of the keyboard and a click of a mouse.  Each detail we share of our lives becomes a link in the chain, a code for which others of the same vein could connect of both acquainted and unacquainted relations.  And it is incredible to think of how each day’s experiences and meetings will only expose us to more people, places and things to connect with.  The web and social media has connected us all indefinitely and have made it easier to maintain that connection without a glitch.  Sitting here in a hotel room in Santa Barbara after a long day at CJU 2009, I can simultaneously order a pizza from down the street while chatting with friends and family in San Francisco, Paris and Hong Kong while sharing my applause of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” Performance at the 2009 VMA Awards, work, read up on Brian Solis’ notes on Facebook Reaching 300 Million Users Profitably, share RedBeacon’s win of the top prize at TechCrunch50 2009 on Twitter and enjoy The Fellows’ story on how they too connected through media which has in essence been connecting people, ideas and creations to one another for decades.

The blending of all media and the connecting of one or many people and minds across many distances, times and topics has become limitless in its reach, depth and scope.  I can only borrow Miss Hassan’s sentiments regarding The Fellows’ story in saying ”talk about longevity” and share the same regard for us all being undeniably and intricately connected through media’s ever evolving possibilities making it possible.

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