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We Need More Love More Than Ever Before

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Can’t agree with Erica Lee‘s tweet and status update more on today:
Days like these you gain clarity on exactly where you want to be, with whom & what you forgot to do. Don’t let it pass. Reset your priorities.
Tragedies that occur leave us all with questions. Innocent lives were lost and hurt today and when something like this and too many innocent lives affected varying from Sandy Hook to Steubenville and more as of late that leaves communities of people touched and heartbroken because misunderstandings and information escalate to actions and intense situations that are best avoided, resolved peacefully and appropriately. Understanding, peace and closure are important. Get answers, find peace and leave negativity at the table. Love and life are important. I just hope more people value love and life and commit to that first in any reaction or action. I urge everyone to find the love and keep it.

Boston showed us what love is today. They were responsible: in not spreading panic, insisting on clarity, sticking to the facts, in their responses, in working with the authorities, to their loved ones as well as to strangers, they united in taking care of each other first and put aside differences for what is important and good first.

Love and appreciate the good in your life every day and hour, tell the people who you love and care that you appreciate them. Each moment is special. My thoughts are with everyone, we are all touched by what happened in Boston today. We are all connected. We all care. Often it is easy to forget that we all feel the same and that people do care even if they express it differently. Be kind to your self and others. Be healthy and safe. Be positive. Any of these days can be our last to share together. See something, do something. Keep calm and carry on.

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