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It took ages for me to update my blog since my second to most recent post and this has to change.  And it shall especially after my new discovery upon trying to enable easier commenting – and perusing the settings options on my blogs.  Notice if you will, the newly available sharing functionalities that are now available at the bottom of this post and every post I’ve ever written.  They are now a built in setting you can easily enable, customize and make available on your blog(s)!!

As of this past Monday, August  23rd 2010, blogs are now Share enabled!!

READ: WordPress has FINALLY enabled users with customizable built in sharing buttons to their existing platform to the most recognizable and widely used of sharing platforms.

This has made my horrible hack job of adding a copy paste code enabled sharing button in posts past to date look utterly hideous, but I’m ecstatic since this is one new feature that will definitely make blogging more enjoyable, less time consuimg and pain free.

If, like I, you’ve been using rather than as a blogging platform, you would understand the value add of this new built in feature.  For myself, in posts past, I had to hack in this Share button:

What can only be remembered as a clunky, time consuming and rudimentary hack involving a copy and paste of the code or manual input of the image url and the url itself is now history!  Often times, I’d forget to include the share button all together only to have to go and hack it in when I did remember and a Tweet counter was just out of the question to figure out a way to include.

Image borrowed from

What is the value add you ask?  How happy are we simpletons of with their enhanced plug in functionality and layouts with this new feature?  Numbers always speak for themselves so for those of you unfamiliar of what it was like to not have a easy non hacked sharing option, I’ll data mine speak as simply as possible by saying the following: as of 4:57 AM on 8/26/2010 <a mere 3 days since Thursday is just beginning in the US since the feature has been launched and a mere 2 days since the blog post announcement> that WordPress blog announcement of the feature above has gotten 754 (with me being Miss 457th like). THANK YOU FOR LISTENING WORDPRESS!!

Needless to say, my enthusiasm and WordPress appreciation has definitely just tripled.  LIKE LIKE LIKE!  And PS for you folks, they’ll be launching a WordPress Share plugin next week – so hang tight and say adieu to your hacked hacked plug in to date as well – my dearest sentiments to the third party share plug ins out there, who had made our blogs shareable and social to date. <Thank you for having existed and bettered my attempts at blogging.>

Have a blog too? Customize and enable your sharing options today! Log in and follow the Dashboard path here to select, customize (even with customizable icons and layouts if you have the CSS Upgrade) and enable for all of your blogs simultaneously:

From Dashboard > Settings > Sharing

Yep. It’s that simple and lovely.  PLUS you can allow or disallow the showing of the sharing buttons on a per post basis as easily as you can select to allow comments and likes or not at the end of every post you make. Sharing, user minded blissful functionality and happiness all in one. My Thursday is now going to be gorgeous.  Thanks again WordPress!

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